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      High frequency power devices are normally used in industry to convert electric energy into thermal energy emited in the batch. The role of high frequency generators is to supply energy in such a way that it is created directly in the batch or even in a given part of it.
It is possible thanks to the appropriate output frequency of the generator, its power and shape of its components instrumentation (electrodes and inductors exciters ).
      Miziak company has got extensive experience in high frequency subject, especially
in repairing and modernizing devices. We can also be proud of having constructed several own high frequency power supplies.


      Another area are devices used for chemical treatment in low-pressure plasma of high frequency. Thanks to the supplied energy, glow discharge is created in plasmochemical reactor. This discharge is useful for the processes of etching and vacuum deposition.

      For the power produced in the generator to appear in the reactor chamber it is necessary to adequately adjust the substitutive impedance of the load to the output impedance of the generator ( usually 50Ω). This task is performed by so-called power matching networks (matchboxes). These are specifically designed variable LC circuits,
put in the transmission line between the generator and the load. They protect power supplies from being damaged by reflected wave. In connection with Fwd/Rfd meters they enable measurement of power supplied to the reactor, which is essential for the right functioning of the whole process. Our systems enable also to measure the voltage
of plasma autopolarization. Power matching networks are produced on an individual order.

      The equipment of this type is mainly used by research institutes involved in material engineering. Institutions we had the pleasure to cooperate with include:

  • Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
  • ECAM Lyon ( l'Ecole d'Arts et Métiers )
  • The Technical University of Liberec
  • Molecular and Macromolecular Studies in Lodz, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies
  • Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute in Radom
  • Textile Research Institute in Lodz


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