I n d u s t r i a l   a u t o m a t i o n

      MiZiAK company offers services connected to industrial automation. We take into account individual requirements of our customers and create control algorithms and design documentations that perfectly suit their needs. The choice of components is based upon customer's preference regarding manufacturers and component types.
    Needless to say, we also take care of assembly and launching of the systems.. We issue protocols of shock protection checking and technological and operational functionality checking. The standard of complexity and refinement of our solutions can be variable, depending on the customer's needs and budget.
    We manufacture simple low-voltage switchboards, standard contact and analog control systems, PLC-based installations with process visualization systems. We offer maintenance services in order to ensure continuity of operation of the installations.

Below, examples of realizations:

Set of three reactors for anaerobic fermentation (logger with controller functionality)


                  Reactors for anaerobic fermentation - user manual (section) [PL]

                  Reactors for anaerobic fermentation - electrical documentation (section) [PL]

Installation of research, pilot-scale, for biogas purification of hydrogen sulphide


                  Pilot installation to reduce H2S - SCADA screens overview [PL]

Anti-odor biofilter (plc)


                  Biofilter 1200 - description of screens [PL]

                  Biofilter 1200 - electrical documentation (section) [PL]

                  Biofilter 1200 - plc documentation (section) [PL]

Set of micro biofilters (GPRS module with control functionality)


                  Micro biofilters - parameterization (section) [PL]


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