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      We are an engineering company operating on the market since 1993. We started our business working with high-frequency devices. Company logo is inspired by the sign of the source of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation specified in the PN-74 / T-06260 norm.

                                                      source of electromagnetic radiation
On an individual order we produce high frequency power matching networks (i.e. Matchboxes).

      Another area of our activity is static electricity. We offer active needled excessive electrostatic charge neutralizers. Generally these devices are designed to discharge flat sheets and films of dielectric materials. Useful results can be obtained also for spatial materials with small dimensions.

                                                      ESD symbol
      Electrodes JO96/x/L for the deionisers are made on request with the required length. Order completion time - up to 7 days.

      We also offer comprehensive services in the field of industrial automation: from the analysis of the problem, the conceptual phase and the technical design through complete construction with a full supply of equipment, to the start-up, training, warranty and post-warranty service.

                                                      Industrial automation

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